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February 7, 2023

January Utility Bill Update

The Accurate Meter Supply smart water meter replacement project is over 90% complete.

The new smart water meters will help the city account for actual water used in addition to water previously used but not billed.

In other words, if your old meter has not been registering the actual water used your water bill may have been low for some time.

If your old meter was not accurately recording water used, in some cases the city utility staff averaged your bill to keep your utility bill reasonably low.

If you have a new smart meter the utility billing staff can individually explain the actual water that your household used over the last three months.

If you still have an old meter the utility billing staff can discuss with you the actual water billed each month over the last twelve months.

In the event our utility billing staff can’t fully explain your utility bill to your satisfaction you may schedule another read of your utility meter - over the next 5 business days.

In the event you have difficulty paying your utility bill we can explain to you how register for the city payment plan- 830-769-3589

Additionally, the Community Action Partnership- 830-876-9812 Ext. 545 – can offer financial assistance to qualified persons.

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