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Posted on: May 19, 2023

$5 Million TXDOT Sidewalk Grant - Town Hall Meeting

City of Jourdanton Mayor Robert Williams reported that: “On Wednesday May 17, 2023, the city held a Town hall Meeting as the next steps towards securing a TX DOT $5 million sidewalk grant application,” which he and Mayor Pro-Tem Gonzales having been working with City Manager Martinez since December 2022 to move forward.”

At the Town Hall Meeting supported by several residents, Mayor Pro-Tem Gonzales and Councilmember Ortiz, Mayor Robert Williams pointed out:

  1. “This is a ‘take it or leave’ (money on the table) grant. Meaning, the city wasn’t offered a menu of funding choices– this grant was ONLY for sidewalks- nothing else can be funded with this grant- period.
  2. If the city had declined to submit the grant the grant funds- which our citizens have paid for with gasoline taxes- then the rejected grant funds would go to other cities in the county.

Why not compete for the $5 million sidewalk grant? We have been officially discussing sidewalks to help our businesses with TXDOT and the city of Pleasanton since at least 2012.”

The City Manager added: “The City of Jourdanton offers a survey link- -  provided by M&S Engineering and Langford Consulting, the City of Jourdanton’s consulting partners in this TXDOT grant- offers citizens a voice in affirming our sidewalk needs which then helps demonstrate our need for the planned sidewalk plan. Supportive community feedback regarding our needs and sidewalk strategy is needed in order to be favorably considered by TX DOT in awarding the city this very competitive grant.”

Below is a QR code link to the M&S Engineering sidewalk engineering plans:


The city invites written emailed support by Friday May 26, 2023 at - supporting the city’s designed, planned sidewalk grant application. This is a major grading factor considered by TX DOT’S evaluation of The city’s grant application.

City Councilmember Norma Ortiz stated: “The funding for this project will provide our city with the funds to build sidewalks to provide safer access throughout our city to community services. i.e.  our JISD campus, travel from the Old Jourdanton Park to the Sports Complex and City Hall and a safe path along both sides of Highway 97 northward to Pleasanton to benefit our Jourdanton businesses. 

Councilmember Ortiz added: I’ve been in discussion with City Manager Martinez to identify a source of funds for sidewalks along Highway 97 west of Hwy 16 which didn’t qualify for this grant. Meanwhile, I’m also working with Mr. Martinez and Mayor Pro-Tem Gonzales to add streets lights in the city to include Hwy 97 west of Highway 16.”

Mayor Pro-Tem Chester Gonzales stated: “As planned and proposed the sidewalk path includes sidewalks:

  • Southbound on both sides of Highway 16 from both Old Jourdanton Park entrances to Highway 97.
  • Eastbound on both sides of Highway 97 from Highway 16 to the Pleasanton city limits.
  • Sidewalks around three sides of the JISD campus. The sidewalk project in front of the JISD campus along Highway 16 is included in another city sponsored project.
  • On the east side of Champion Drive from Highway 97 to the Aquatic Center. The west side- vacant lot- of Champion Drive is outside of the city.”